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The newsletter of January/ 2023 – Issue 6


The meeting of the General Assembly of the Coalition of the Civil Society( The conference)

The Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations in Northeast Syria held the meeting of the General Assembly for two days in the city of Qamishly on 11 &12 /1/2023.

The meeting was held in the presence of 180 representatives of organizations affiliated with the coalition, and the conference hosted invited guests from international organizations, donors, support programs and the civil administration in northern and eastern Syria. On the first day: The conference opened with a welcome speech from Mrs. Nahla Al-Ali, member of the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in North and East Syria. Al-Ali spoke about the role of the Coalition in the field of humanitarian work and the hopes based on it for civil society to achieve all the requirements that the region needs, and she added that despite the difficulties facing the Coalition in particular and civil society in general, the Coalition will move forward to achieve the desired development.Al-Ali also praised the importance of the meeting, saying that it will be a pivotal meeting in the work of the coalition and will present a lot of development at the regional level.

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The speech of the Preparatory Committee was delivered by Mr. Khaled Mahmoud, Program Coordinator at the Coalition Office, during which he talked about the things that the Preparatory Committee did and the preparations that took place during the preparatory period, from issuing invitations and securing hotel reservations, technical and logistical equipment, and electoral preparations, so that the elections are exemplary and carried out in the best possible way.

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After that, a promo video has been shown , showing some work and activities of the Coalition since the announcement of its establishment in the tenth month of 2022.

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Dr. Nasser Haj Mansour, a member of the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Northeast Syria, delivered the Coalition’s speech. During which he talked about the foundation stage of the Coalition and considered it a distinguished step at the level of Civil Society, especially since the region lacked such coalitions and platforms. He stressed the role of the Coalition and its distinctive activities based on mobilization, advocacy, issuance of statements, pressure and influence towards amending some decisions and regulations. He also talked about the role that local boards and committees will play, which will be formed according to the needs of each region, and that this new organizational structure is optimal to meet the needs of the Coalition and Civil Society.

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While the speech of Mr. Hozan Ibrahim, Executive Director of “Impact Organization”, via the Zoom platform, focused on the importance of the Coalition in the field of the Civil Society and the development it has achieved by re-discussing the internal system and working on a new structure that meets the requirements of the Coalition, taking into account the regionalism so that this Coalition is flexible and meets all requirements to advance the reality of the Civil Society to the best level.

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Mr. Samer Al-Nashif, the head of the Office of Humanitarian Affairs and Labor in the city of Raqqa, also delivered a speech in which he expressed his pleasure at the role played by the Coalition. He stressed that the role of the Autonomous Administration is an organizational role for the work of Civil Society, and that the role of civil society is the role which organizations play to the fullest, taking into account the challenges facing the region.

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 The speech of Mr. Nicholas Grainger, the US Supreme Envoy for North and East Syria:

I would like to thank you for the invitation to join your conference today, and I am honored to be here representing the United States of America. At the outset, I would like to recognize the progress made by the Civil Society Coalition and its member organizations in recent years by supporting civil society in all of northeastern Syria. The United States government is committed to improving the lives of the Syrian people and we believe that an effective way to do this is to work with and through civil society organizations, and that is why we support a strong and vibrant civil society throughout northeastern Syria and indeed in all of Syria, organizations like yours play a vital role in promoting democratic values ​​and encouraging civic participation and promoting inclusive governance,I would like to highlight some of the partnerships that the United States establishes with Syrian civil society in pursuit of our shared goals. We stand firmly behind civil society efforts to enhance stability in communities and improve the lives of citizens. We provide aid to communities liberated from ISIS and help residents recover and resume their lives and gain new skills to provide for their families and access to basic services. We also strongly support civil society because it promotes respect for human beings and holds accountable those who violate these rights, including the Syrian regime and others.Progress in stabilizing societies, improving the lives of citizens, promoting democratic values, inclusive governance, and promoting respect for human rights and accountability. All of these things are essential to achieving a permanent political solution for Syria in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254. The United States remains committed to this and works with the Syrian people to achieve this. In conclusion, I would like to thank the Civil Society Coalition in Northeast Syria for its efforts throughout the past year, and I extend my best wishes to you for continued success, not only in this conference, but throughout the year 2023.

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An office was elected to manage the session of the coalition organizations after the guests left. The internal system and the proposed structure were discussed, and the discussions and ratification of the internal system and its amendments were carried over to the second day.


the second day: the internal system,the structure and the election system were discussed in all its details and were voted on and approved after being voted on and ratified by the General Assembly. Then the election mechanism was explained and initiated. After that, the process of electing the main board (the Board of Directors) took place according to the regions in succession. This was preceded by the election of the external constituency and the selection of two members in the external constituency as members of the main board abroad. Then the process of elections for the local councils (local bodies) took place in the four regions.

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The results of the Main Board Elections:

The External Board:

1.Maakom for development and peace

2.Taa Marbouta

Al-jazeera Region:

1. Demos Organization.

2./Izdina Organisation

The Euphrates Region:

1.Syrian Center for Studies and Dialogue.

Raqqa Region:

1. Enmaa Alfourat.

2.Peace Tent

Deirazzor Region:

1.Deirna Organization.

2. Shams AlAmal Development

The Results of the Local Board Elections

The Local Board of Al-jazeera Region:

1.Jameat alsalam aliinsania

2.Zameen Organization for Development and peace building

3.Shams Organization for Development and Relief

4 .Rose for support and empowerment

5.Mitan Center for the Revival of Civil Society


7.publish path

8.Amaal association for the women and children rights care

9.Media Academy

10.Roj Kar for relief and development

11_.Peyam association orphans care

The Local Board of Raqqa Region:

1.Intensive Care Association organization

3.Sphere Development Organization

4.Youth for change


6.Al Zajel Civil Society Organization

7.amal team

8.Al Raja Organization for Relief and Development

9. Ajial for Development

10. Haneen ALfurat Organization

11. mary for culture

12.The women of Hope

13.Lamasat For Relief And Development

The Local Board of Euphrates Region: (The members have agreed)

1.Emaar Mansura

2.Arzo Organization

3.Cloud Organization

The Local Board of Deirazzor Region:(The members have agreed)

1. jsor alamal

2. Moltaka alnhren

3. Bridges of love

4. Atyaf

5_. Awda For Development

6. Hajeen Technicians Organization

7. Albaghooz Hope for Development

8. Inaash Organization for Development

9.Lasting Peace organizations

10.Zorna Development

11. Noun for development

After the elections ended, the conference concluded with a speech by the coalition delivered by Dr. Nasser Haj Mansour, in which he thanked all the organizers and contributors to the success of the conference.


The Expanded Board Meeting :

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Northeast Syria held an expanded meeting that included members of the Board of Directors (the Main Board) and members of the local authorities in the four regions (the Local Board) in the city of Qamishli for two days, on 07/06/2022, in the presence of 24 members; This was to discuss the proposal of the new organizational structure and the draft of the internal system, with the participation of the technical advisor of the Coalition, Mr. Amro Al-Nawaisa. The meeting decided to hold the meeting of the General Assembly (the conference) on the 11th and 12th of January 2023 to vote on and approve the draft of the internal system, and to hold elections for the main and local board of the four regions, within the trend towards decentralization that was agreed upon by the coalition organizations in general.Roles were distributed and two committees were formed, one of which was to follow up the development of the structure and internal system with the advisor, and the other was a preparatory committee to work on preparing for the general conference. “

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The activities of the Organizations affiliated with the Coalition:

 1-Ensaf for Development:

Our Security Project -5

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2_Ensaf for Development:

” Hawama Water Network Project”

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3_The Green Women Association:

The follow-up of the workflow of the training program.

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4_ The Civil Society and Peace Center:

A campaign to educate the people about the remnants of the war.


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5_ Anwar AlGhad Organization:

Anwar AlGhad team follows up the implementation of the ( Clean Environment) Intiative.

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6_ Return the Hope Charity Association:

The training sessions of the women sewing profession have begun.

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7_Omar Hamdi Center- Malva- for the Arts:

A dialogue session to strengthen the mechanisms of the protection of the intangible resources.

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8_ Jasmine Association:

An Intiative to rehabilitate and clean the street and the sidewalk of Ammar Bin Yassir School

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9_Sawedna Organization:

Towards the Effective Youth

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10_Dernaa for Development:

Its trainings within the Sewing Department Project

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