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Who are we

Civil society organizations coalition in northeastern Syria CSO-NES

Name and abbreviation :

The name is in Arabic : تحالف منظمات المجتمع المدني في شمال وشرق سوريا

Name in Kurdish : Hevbendîya Rêxistinên Civaka Sivîl ên Bakur û Rojhilatê Sûriyayê

Name in Syriac : ܐ ܝܪܘܣܕ ܐܚܢܕܡܘ ܐܝܒܪܓܒ ܐܝܬܢܡܕܡ ܐܫܢܟܡܕ ܐܬ̈ ܣܟܛܡ ܕܝܘܚ

An introduction:

In response to the needs of the civil reality in North and East Syria, and as a result of the dialogues and discussions that took place between representatives of several active organizations in North and East Syria, which lasted for several months, we found ourselves in front of the responsibility of crystallizing and coordinating our efforts to reach a better civil reality, bearing its societal responsibilities through cooperation and creating A common space between us

Believing in us (the organizations affiliated with this alliance) to work collectively, in order to establish a civil reality capable of adopting the issues of individuals and population groups without any discrimination, the aim of this alliance was to activate mechanisms for mobilization and advocacy, and to strengthen the integrated role entrusted to the inclusive civil space, on a voluntary basis. and optional

In addition, this alliance seeks to improve and develop the reality of our societies, and to formulate visions, ideas and positions, to present and express them in a more organized and consistent manner with the cultural, ethnic and social diversity that enriches our region

Expressing the issues of the population and their local communities according to the diversity of their backgrounds, we must build multiple forms of coordination and activate the multiple paths of civil action to reach a democratic environment that reflects the sacrifices made for the desired process of change and democratic transformation throughout Syria

The independence of the “Civil Society Organizations Coalition in North and East Syria” from any political, military or governmental authority does not conflict with the coalition’s endeavor to cooperate with all official bodies and institutions active in the region, in accordance with the goals and objectives of the coalition

Who are we:

An independent coalition of non-governmental organizations and networks, non-profit and voluntary, established in October 2021, committed to the promotion of democracy, and the consolidation of the role of organizations / civil society in its broad definition, as one of the most important forms of societal expression in reaching a society in which the values ​​of justice, freedom and equality prevail

Coalition vision:

We seek to activate the role of civil society to reach a democratic society in which the values ​​of justice, freedom and equality prevail

The message:

The coalition seeks to develop an effective coordination mechanism and opportunities for participation through information exchange and advocacy. It also seeks to increase communication, networking and coordination with other coalitions and civil networks to be a key pillar in the sustainable development process to reach a democratic society, consolidate human rights without any discrimination, and develop transparency and good local governance

Coalition Goals:

1. Strengthening democracy by enhancing the participation of civil society organizations, building their capacities and empowering them, in order to exercise their oversight role over governance systems

2. Enhancing good local governance to ensure the promotion of transparency, accountability, the rule of law, and pluralism at the political, economic and social levels

3. The exchange of information and knowledge between organizations and the promotion of effective cooperation between them

4. Advocating for issues that concern northeastern Syria at the local, national and international levels

5. Contributing to the formulation of policies for donors and international bodies and directing them in line with specific sectors of general priority for all male and female citizens in northeastern Syria

6. Enhancing the role of women in the civic space through combating gender-based discrimination and combating violence against women

7. Consolidating the concept of respect and acceptance of the other and the abolition of all forms of discrimination based on race, color, sex, language, religion, national or social origin, or others