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how do we work

Building a common ground that brings together active and operating civil society organizations and institutions in north and east Syria. Strengthening the role of civil society for the development and development of local communities in North and East Syria. Keeping pace with communication with the civil track at the national and international levels, in order to exchange experiences and manage information and knowledge in a more coordinated manner. Strengthening the leadership role of women and consolidating the concepts of inclusion and inclusion in all aspects of civil life. Consolidating the concept of respect and acceptance of the other and the abolition of all forms of discrimination based on race, color, sex, language, religion, national or social origin, or others. our values Independence: The coalition guarantees the independence of the independent corporate identity of each organization, and the participating organizations must preserve the independence of the coalition, and make all possible efforts to achieve this Participation: It is a cornerstone of the coalition’s work mechanisms, so participation is a value guaranteed to all organizations in a fair and equal manner Transparency: All practices in the alliance must be governed by the principles of transparency, both internally and externally (no black boxes or back gardens between members) Pluralism: as a culture, practice, and a strategic mechanism of action that ensures access to the largest possible segment of the different sectors and social groups without discrimination