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The newsletter of November 2022… Issue -5



As a result of the escalation of Turkish military attacks on northern and eastern Syria during the second half of 2022, about 200 organizations, including 130 organizations affiliated with the Coalition of Organizations of North and East of Syria, issued a statement condemning the Turkish military escalation and calling on the UN Security Council to convene an emergency meeting. And pressing to stop operations and protect civilians and infrastructure, in implementation of the provisions of International Law.

The statement


CSO’ message to the US State of Department and other foreign ministries about the Turkish Military Escalation:

Based on the responsibility of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in North and East Syria to play its role in the process of stability and civil peace and to strengthen the role of Civil Society in North and East Syria, the Board of Directors of the Coalition sent a letter to the US State Department and foreign departments of other countries, via the Coalition’s e-mail, on 20- 11-2022, in which he calls on the US Government to take a serious stance towards military actions and targeting unarmed civilians, which would destabilize the security and stability of the region in North and East of Syria, and urges the Coalition to abide by the obligations of the parties to the conflict in accordance with international humanitarian law and to spare civilians, journalists and civilian facilities from military actions.


the speech of the Member of the European Parliament for the Green Party in Germany Katherine Langenziben:

عضوة البرلمان الأوروبي عن حزب الخضر في ألمانيا "كاثرين لانغنزيبن"

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The member of the European Parliament for the German Green Party, Mrs. Katherine Langenzen, delivered an impressive speech in the dome of the European Parliament on November 23 about the situation in northern and eastern Syria, following the Turkish military escalation in the region.It started.”About 14 days ago, I visited northern Syria (Rojava). There, I talked with many people who want to work on stabilizing the region (citizens, men, women, young men) despite the continuation of the war for more than 10 years in Syria, and they want to create something of stability.The Rojava project (the Rojava experience) is always bombed by “Drones” by Turkey and also in light of the presence of the threat of ISIS. ISIS did not end in those areas, but they expelled them to areas outside their areas of influence.Erdogan decided to invade the region after the Istanbul bombing.. Erdogan claims that the PKK is behind the bombing and that they are the cause of these attacks that are currently affecting Rojava. This is something Turkey repeats from time to time, and we strongly condemned it last year in the European Parliament.Turkey is bombing the areas of Rojava, and there are dead and wounded people in the region because of the bombing, which will create something unsafe, as this is an attack that violates international law.What is happening now in Rojava has nothing to do with the Istanbul bombing. Turkey must reveal the perpetrator behind the Istanbul bombing.But the truth is also that Erdogan wants to divert attention from the political differences, because the elections will be held next year.Also, the issue of Syrian refugees and how to return them to Syria… He is trying to make excuses for himself.Here we must tell Erdogan that whoever wants to be a member of NATO must abide by the rules. These actions and his continuous bombing against the Kurds and against civilians must be collectively condemned.We say to Erdogan: withdraw from the region.These attacks by NATO partner Turkey must of course be strongly condemned as they are a violation of international law and human rights.”It is noteworthy that Mrs. “Catherine Langenziben” had visited the office of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in North and East Syria in the city of Qamishli, accompanied by Mr. “Ferdinand Dorr”, a member of the Board of Directors of Adopt a Revolution on 02/11/2022, and she met with members of the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Organizations and discussed with them the current situation and the challenges that facing the area in general.

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The activities of Organizations affiliated with the Coalition during the month of November, 2022:

As a result of areas in northern and eastern Syria being bombed by Turkish aircraft, the Office of Organizations and Humanitarian Affairs recommended, through WhatsApp groups, temporarily, organizations working in northern and eastern Syria to suspend office activities and dialogue sessions, and this continued throughout the days of the bombing, and the organizations resumed their activities after that.

1.Next Step Organization: “Next Step Organization” discusses the spread of the phenomenon of begary in the Region of AL-Jazira in North and East of Syria.

Next Step organization held a focused discussion session on the increasing spread of the phenomenon of begary in Al- Jazira Region in northeastern Syria, in the presence of journalists, civil activists, human rights advocates, and representatives of the Internal Security Forces and the Legislative Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. And that took place in the organization’s office in the city of Qamishli, on 11/05/2022.


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 2-Deirna Organization for Development

As part of” the Drang water Station Rehabilitation Project”, Dierna Organization for Development, in partnership with Impact, is continuing its work, as the working workshops have completed sandblasting works for water filters and the net water tank, and final cleaning of them from the inside and outside, and coating them from the inside with a healthy epoxy, and spraying works have also been completed. The trolley is for the rooms within the station, and the trolley is sprayed for the main shrine. The working workshop has finished the base painting work, painting the iron pipes and main water filters in the final white and blue color, and the work is still in progress until the completion of the rest of the required work in the station.

3.Insaf Organization for Development

The outpatient Departments in Hajin:

The project targets 3 clinics that provide free services to the people in Hajin General Hospital, “digestive, urinary, and psychological.”The project contributed to the activation of the Urinary Stone Lithotripsy Device and the upper-lower digestive endoscopy device.These devices are the only ones that provide free services in the region.
مشفى هجين العام

مشفى هجين العام


4.AlBaghooz Hope Organization for Development

Four schools belonging to the Al-Sousse Educational Complex, east of Deir Ezzor, underwent rehabilitation works carried out by the AlBaghooz Hope Organization for Development . Through this work, the Organization aims to improve the educational reality and reduce overcrowding in the existing schools, while solving the problem of distances for students and reducing the literacy and dropout rates. Each school underwent rehabilitation works according to its needs, such as building the fence, painting the walls and main gates, while maintaining the doors and windows. About 1,550 students in the four schools benefit from it.


5.Zameen Organization for Development and peacebuilding

On Saturday, November 19, the Zameen Organization for Development and Peacebuilding held a dialogue session on” hate speech” and its impact on societal cohesion in Al_ Jazira Region in particular, and northeastern Syria in general, at the organization’s center in Qamishli.

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At the level of the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria.

1.The press conference

A press conference by Mr. Abd Hamid Al-Mahbash (the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) about the Turkish attacks on the regions of north and east Syria.
الرئيس المُشترك للإدارة الذاتية لشمال وشرق سوريا

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2.The Turkish warplanes targeting Al-Hol Camp.

Al-Hol camp, which contains tens of thousands of ISIS families, witnessed Turkish air strikes targeting the security points guarding the dangerous camp, on 11-23-2022, which created chaos and some families fled, according to what was published by data and news on websites affiliated with the “SDF” forces and administration bodies. subjectivity,The security forces had thwarted the attempts of many families to flee and arrested others and returned them to the camp.The Turkish bombardment, which targeted the security points in the camp, caused a state of recovery for ISIS sleeping cells, and civilians feared that the organization would return to its previous activities, which makes the region live in a state of instability.In this regard, Sheikhmous Ahmed (the co-chair of the Office of Displaced and Refugee Affairs in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) stated to the Autonomous Administration’s official website, that Turkish warplanes and drones bombed al-Hol Camp, which is inhabited by ISIS families.

الرئيس المشترك لمكتب شؤون النازحين واللاجئين في الإدارة الذاتية لشمال وشرق سوريا

3.The Power Office of the Autonomous Administration condemned the targeting of the electrical stations:

The Power Office of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria condemned the Turkish bombing that targeted the infrastructure in northern and eastern Syria and the electrical stations, which rendered them out of service.

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